Crop Management

Could robots replace honeybees as pollinators?

The world’s honeybee population is in a steep decline that science has, so far, been unable to reverse. Some scientists are working on solutions to the culprits — diseases, pests, bee forage avail... more

Reducing the risk of bitter pit in Honeycrisp apples

{Sponsored} Honeycrisp apples are the hardest to grow and the most prone to difficulties. Bitter pit, a disorder most commonly linked to calcium deficiencies... more

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New herbicide label for strawberry

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development approved a State and Local Need (SLN) label (Section 24c) for use of Spartan 4F on strawb... more »

The nitrogen cycle: Explaining where your lost nitrogen is going

With the weather of the spring season, losing nitrogen from our farm fields isn’t just a worry, but rather an unwelcome reality. However, using ... more »

Blueberry meetings cover post bloom management of pests and fields

Michigan State University Extension has scheduled a series of meetings for blueberry growers in June. A pair of post bloom meetings begins next week o... more »

Beware of clear wing moths in peaches

In New York state, there are two species of sesiid moths that attack peaches — the peachtree borer (PTB), , and the lesser peachtree borer (LPTB... more »

Insecticides fight BMSB

DuPont Lannate SP and Lannate LV insecticides can now be used to control Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) infestations in the mainland United States ... more »

Fire blight alert in Michigan

We are experiencing a period of extreme fire blight risk in many apple-growing areas of Michigan, but especially in southwest Michigan for the period ... more »

Thinning apples at petal fall for 2011

This year there are a number of orchards that had light crops in 2010. These blocks have returned this 2011 year with a heavy return bloom and abundan... more »

Pesticide issue ‘a national crisis’

If environmental groups get their way, West Mathison fears that it will be illegal to spray pesticides on up to 80 percent of the farmland in Washingt... more »

ISU professor on the future of agriculture

The agricultural systems and processes that have developed in the past decades need to be re-examined, says an Iowa State University professor who has... more »

Farmers forced to make tough tillage decisions as rain continues

As the wet spring continues to delay planting in Indiana, grain farmers are faced with tough decisions about their intended tillage operations.As of M... more »

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