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New York Senate Panel Votes Down Farm Labor Bill
Technologies Help Improve Agriculture
Food Safety Bill May Jeopardize Small Farmers

How will health care reform affect your business?
Lots going on in the fruit world

There’s a lot going on in the world of fruit growing these days, both in the field and in the news.

Now that the health care bill has been passed and Tiger is back to being a golfer, immigration is taking center stage in the news again. Things really hit home here in Michigan when the Michigan Civil Rights Commission published its report on migrant worker housing conditions. Growers across the state have expressed outrage at being portrayed as the equivalent of slumlords.

The Michigan Farm Bureau has taken the lead in responding to the report. Look for the full story in the May issue of FGN.

The weird weather we’ve been having has continued. With a mild winter behind us and warmer-than-usual days, our growing seasons are all twisted around. We’ve had warmth where we should have cold, cold where it should be warm. Some places are getting rain, some are dry as can be and everything points to an early start for the growing season, whether we want it or not.

Well, inspired by all of you, I’m working at planting a few apple trees on my property. I’m hoping that the fence I’m putting up, combined with the food plots I’m putting in, will keep the deer away from them. I also hope that by the time you read this, I will have put my tag on a nice tom turkey. If you’re hunting, too, best of luck.

Speaking of apple trees, check out the video clip of FGN Managing Editor Matt Milkovich chatting with several attendees at the IFTA conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. Everyone in attendance seemed to be very impressed with the amount of information being presented. Check out some of the highlights in the pages of FGN.

Feel free to drop me a line or give me a call. My number is 616-887-9008 ext. 107, or write me at news@fruitgrowersnews.com. I’d love to hear from you.

FGN editor talks to IFTA attendees
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Events Calendar

June 10, 2010
Illinois Summer Horticulture Field Day
Broom Orchard, Carlinville, Ill.
Contact: Don Naylor
Phone: 309-828-8929

June 16, 2010
55th Annual Fruit Crop Guesstimate
Amway Grand Hotel, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Contact: K. Terry Morrison
Phone: 231-271-5752
E-mail: mfpa@centurytel.net

June 17-27, 2010
Sweet Cherry Industry in North America Tour
Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
Website: www.pheasantprojects.net

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