Mar 27, 2023
Better Bitter Pit Protection

Agro-100’s Póma and other foliar products mean less loss, higher profits

(Sponsored) Agro-100 develops and markets exclusive nutrients and biostimulants which are easy to use and with proven efficacy surpassing the legitimate expectations of leading fruit, vegetable, potato, and field crop-based agricultural operations of North America. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed to meet the demands of growers and provide them with high-performance and profitable agronomic solutions for their agricultural operations.

Póma, Agro-100’s calcium acetate-based liquid foliar nutrient, is specifically designed to prevent and correct nutritional and physiological imbalances caused by deficient or poor calcium assimilation, according to Agro-100. Calcium is chelated with acetic acid which is found naturally in all living organisms; thus it is not toxic and it is involved in many metabolic processes of the plant.

Póma is a chlorine and nitrogen-free solution containing a multifunctional adjuvant (adhesive, penetrating, damping, anti-foaming and tensioactive agents). This adjuvant technology allows calcium to remain in solution longer on the leaf without being washed out and helps to penetrate the leaf more easily.

Located in Monmouth, Maine, Chris Cooper of Cooper Farms is one of the region’s largest and most respected apple growers. Agro-100 products have been used at Cooper Farms for many years.

“HoneyCrisp’s bitter pit has been minimal with the use of Póma Calcium and other Agro-100 foliar products,” Cooper said. Any apple grower knows that bitter pit is synonymous with revenue loss.

According to Agro-100, Póma can be applied throughout a crop’s entire growth cycle – sustaining the plant’s overall development. Agro-100 also recommends that Póma is applied during the hotter months of the Summer when transpiration decreases and during the phases of fructification and fruit bulking.

Agronomic benefits of using Póma:

  • Calcium complexed with organic acids and its formulation is chlorine- and nitrate-free
  • Tensioactive agent (droplet distribution)
  • Damping agent (evaporation restriction)
  • Adhesive agent (anti-washout)
  • Penetrating agent (passage of mineral elements through the leaf wall)

Póma also contains a proprietary biostimulant technology that allows for quick absorption and translocation of nutrients and reinforces the plant’s natural defenses against abiotic stresses.

Regular foliar applications of Póma provides the required level of calcium that is considered essential for firmness, preservation capacity, good caliber development and resistance to stress and disease. Póma also helps fight against physiological disorders linked to calcium deficiency in fruit and vegetable crops. Because Póma is nitrogen-free, the product can be applied late in the orchard without posing a risk to premature ripening, coloration, and fruit preservation.

Converting agronomic knowledge into high-performance products is the engine that keeps Agro-100 at the forefront of the fertilizer industry. Being able to react quickly and efficiently to assist growers through their daily challenges makes Agro-100 the ideal partner for dynamic agricultural producers. Agro-100 strives to improve agricultural profitability through optimal crop performance.

Learn more at or call 514-220-3444.

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