Michigan hort society hands out awards

The Michigan State Horticultural Society handed out two Distinguished Service Awards during the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable & Farm Market EXPO in December. The awards went to Al and Joe Dietrich and Earl Peterson.Al, Joe... more »

Fruit stand works for Washington orchard

It’s 30˚ F in the Wenatchee Valley, the sun isn’t up yet and Dennis Nicholson is hard at work at Nicholson’s Orchard Fresh in Peshastin, Wash., finishing a block of pears. This is exactly the... more »

Deer baiting impacts Michigan farmers

The practice of baiting white-tailed deer with apples, corn, sugar beets or carrots continues to raise controversy in the Midwest. The state of Wisconsin recently banned deer baiting in four northwestern counties after discovering a... more »

New invasive fruit fly discovered in Pennsylvania

Zaprionus indianus Gupta, commonly known in Brazil as the African fig fly (AFF), is an invasive species that was recently found in Pennsylvania for the first time, according to Penn State University.First discovered by the... more »

Unprecedented weather hits Ontario fruit farmers hard

Chris Hall's family has been growing apples in Brockville, Ontario, since 1947. Hall learned as a boy that the orchards usually produce myriad pink and white blossoms in late May. This year, unseasonably warm temperatures... more »

Washington state selling record high amount of apples

Washington apple shippers and packers say this year's fresh apple crop will reach record highs despite early worries about hail damage and not enough pickers.The apple crop is expected to hit 121.5 million boxes, according... more »

Private/public partnerships help Quebec thrive

Unlike their counterparts in the United States, apple growers in Quebec, Canada, don’t have access to a university- or Extension-based research system. The province’s apple industry has found other ways to meet its research needs,... more »

New apple stays EverCrisp

After more than a decade of breeding, the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) is ready to release its first apple variety: EverCrisp. MAIA, a loose organization of private breeders, is calling EverCrisp a “managed open”... more »

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