Michigan governor signs bill to help farmers recover from loss

Legislation providing loans to farmers who suffered catastrophic crop losses following unseasonable weather this spring is among the key bills recently signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. Abnormally high temperatures in early March were followed by... more »

Michigan throws fruit industry lifeline with loan program

Michigan fruit growers are poised to receive a second source of disaster loans.A state bill creating emergency aid to farmers whose crops were devastated by unseasonably warm spring weather has passed the state House and... more »

Governor honors Graceland Fruit, Inc. as the Michigan Agriculture Exporter of the Year

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has selected Graceland Fruit, Inc. of Frankfort, Mich., as the "Michigan Agriculture Exporter of the Year."The company was honored with a presentation of the Michigan Agriculture... more »

Under what circumstances would it be profitable to harvest tart cherries?

The frost damage in 2012 will result in extremely low tart cherry yields that most growers have not experienced since 2002. Some growers with portions of blocks with a partial fruit crop are thinking under... more »

One dead, one injured in cherry chopper crash

A passenger died and the pilot was seriously injured June 12 when a helicopter drying cherries in an East Wenatchee orchard crashed.The helicopter's main rotor clipped a power line, causing it to crash in the... more »

New York bill aids apples

On June 4, a handful of New York state assemblymen and senators announced the creation of new legislation, the Family Farmers and Apple Growers Relief Act, to help apple and other growers in the state... more »

Spring freezes leave small crop, more questions

An early spring followed by freeze events in March and April did significant damage to fruit crops in the Midwest and East. As of May, the industry was still waiting to see how much fruit... more »

CIAB restricts zero tart cherries

The Cherry Industry Administrative Board (CIAB) has recommended that the preliminary “free” percentage of the national tart cherry crop be set at 100 percent, and the preliminary “restricted” percentage be set at zero.CIAB, which represents... more »

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