New York state still fighting plum pox

New York state field survey crews place collected leaves directly into a cooler. Leaves are kept chilled from the time they are collected in the field to the time they are tested in the lab... more »

Va. Beach Trying to Put Local Fruit on School Plates

As Alexis Price walked down the lunch line at Shelton Park Elementary School, she was shocked to see the new addition to the usual peach and banana fruit selection. The Virginian-PilotClick here to read the... more »

Organic Orchard

When commercial orchardists grow tree fruits like apples and peaches, they follow an intensive spray schedule to protect the trees from insects and disease. This way, they are able to produce the perfect-looking fruit that... more »

York County Fruit Harvest Is Just Peachy

If you like peaches, your taste buds are in luck. Rock Hill, S.C., HeraldClick here to read the rest of the story. more »

Peach DNA Unraveled: Clemson University Plays Major Role

As peach trees go, it doesn't look much different from its kin at the Clemson University Musser Fruit Research Farm, but appearances can be deceiving. This one, a Lovell variety, has a unique genetic characteristic... more »

Release of Peach Genome Provides Key Data

Realizing a decade-long dream, an international team of scientists today publicly released the peach genome sequence, the first genome completed for crops in the Rosaceae family. Washington State University Click here to read the rest... more »

Peach Trees not Threatened by Cold

It's that time of year when Chilton County's peach tree blooms paint a picture worthy of any artist's canvas. Clanton AdvertiserClick here to read the rest of the story. more »

Irradiation Pitched as Peach Crop Defense

Flies come and flies go, but one particularly pernicious bug may one day imperil Georgia's big-dollar peach and blueberry crops. Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionClick here to read the rest of the story. more »

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