Warm winter has S.C. strawberries ready for picking

The unusual weather pattern of warm days and a even dip in temperatures has hastened the local fruit season by two to three weeks, growers say.Strawberries are already being picked and are for sale. Peaches,... more »

Maryland farm owned by same family since 1902

There are several things Nathan Milburn credits for the continued success of Milburn Orchards, the family farm that has been in Elkton, Md., since 1902. Besides continued support from grower organizations, the strength and will... more »

Fowler Nurseries: A century in fruit growing

Fowler Nurseries has been growing fruit trees for 100 years. It started in 1912, when Gene Fowler grew 20,000 pear trees in Newcastle, Calif. He worked for a farm supply company at the time, but... more »

Summer fruits coming early

A warm spring has provided just the right environment for an early summer, at least when it comes to fruit and vegetable harvests.Doug Patterson with Patterson Farms in Rowan County, North Carolina, says strawberry crops... more »

Michigan fruit crops likely damaged by frost

Two days of frost in parts of Michigan likely damaged fruit crops because of the early growing season prompted by unusually warm weather, an industry official said Tuesday.Damage of peaches and cherries is expected in... more »

Early spring warmth causing growers sleepless nights

For many of the Midwest and Eastern states, spring weather arrived early. Most areas are three to four weeks ahead of schedule in terms of plant growth and bloom, according to university Extension offices.Such conditions... more »

Fruit Crop Guesstimate rescheduled

The 57th Annual Fruit Crop Guesstimate, sponsored by the Michigan Frozen Food Packers Association (MFFPA), has been moved to 2:30 p.m. June 6 at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids, Mich.The guesstimate provides a forum... more »

Managing orchard nutrition during an early spring

Early spring growth this year raises several questions about nutrient management in orchards. First, when should spring nitrogen (N) fertilizers be applied? Typically, N is applied either in a single application as growth begins in... more »

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