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Spotted lanternfly: It’s time to be on the lookout in New York vineyards

The first detection of established spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) populations in New York was one among many of the ominous events of 2020. We’ve been monitoring for this pest for a while, but now that it... more »

Periodical cicadas emerging as a nuisance to Michigan fruit growers

Brood X of the periodical cicada can soon be found throughout the Midwest including parts of southern Michigan. They may become a nuisance, but don’t expect any significant fruit crop injury. Excitement is in the... more »

Periodical cicada management on blueberries outlined

As we await the emergence of Brood X of the periodical cicada this year, it’s time to think about what steps you might take to protect your small fruit plantings. Blueberries, like other woody species,... more »

How California is protecting its winegrapes

Glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) is a formidable nightmare for grape growers – and growers of other crops, for that matter – that vectors Pierce’s disease, which can decimate grapevines and for which there is no known... more »

California Association of Pest Control Advisers hybrid conference Oct. 17-19

The 47th annual California Association of Pest Control Advisers will be a hybrid event in 2021. The CAPCA event is scheduled for Oct. 17-19 in Reno, Nevada. It will be an in-person, networking-focused event. Currently,... more »

Orius-System tackles adult thrips in strawberry

Over recent years, Biobest advisor Arno Hellemons has seen good results using a combination of cucumeris and Orius to control thrips in strawberry crops. "With this strategy strawberry growers are getting this challenging pest under... more »

Using DNA, UF research shows which bats binge on crop pests

“Big bats binge bad bugs.” It’s a catchy, alliterative title, and it’s apropos for the latest research work by University of Florida scientist Holly Ober. All bats in the Southeast eat insects and feed at... more »

AI may help UF researchers identify crop-destroying nematodes

Parasitic nematodes cause $125 billion in agricultural damage around the world each year, but  University of Florida scientists hope to alleviate some of that destruction. To do so, UF researchers will use artificial intelligence (AI) to... more »

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