Tree Fruit Breeders Get $14.4 Million for Massive Project

A Michigan State University cherry breeder is the project director managing $7.2 million in new funding from USDA. The project’s goal is to greatly speed up the development of new varieties of apples, peaches, cherries... more »

Larry’s World: IFTA President Touts Nova Scotia Industry

Standing in his mountaintop orchard at the highest point of the Annapolis Valley, Larry Lutz looks like king of the world. But it’s not his 55-acre family orchard that sets him near the pinnacle of... more »

Rebellion in Idaho: Research Station, Slated for Closure, Incites Grower Resistance

At first, it seemed to be the “usual” kind of story. A land grant university, facing the need to cut its operating budget, reluctantly decides to close one of its experiment stations. The University of... more »

Michigan Takes a Serious Look at Cranberries

There are a number of explanations for why Wisconsin has 18,000 acres of cranberries and Michigan, a similar place 100 miles away across Lake Michigan, has only 250. Potential growers tend to blame it on... more »

Open House on Aug. 20

The Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Station (NWMHRS) Open House will be held Thursday, Aug. 20. The equipment show and grounds open at 1 p.m. Educational sessions will begin at 3 p.m., and will conclude with... more »

Grape Growers Grabbing onto Sustainability

“Sustainable” is a soft, fuzzy buzzword, but grape growers are grabbing onto it, and it’s spreading like a virus in grape-growing areas. First it was California, then Washington, Oregon and New York, and now Michigan.... more »

Wanted: More Cranberries. Call Today.

Ocean Spray is looking for more cranberries, either produced by its existing 600 or so growers who own the cooperative company or by other growers who’d like to join the co-op and the growing market... more »

Summer Pruning, Done Right, Is Quite Effective on Apples

There are many elements, pros and cons that go into the decision to summer prune apples. There are some rules for applying this practice to make it a positive experience, because otherwise the grower may... more »

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