‘Dirty dozen’ debate

Let’s pretend we’re at a debate, where the opponents argue their positions in a civilized, reasonable manner. Nah, that’s boring. Let’s pretend we’re watching one of those obnoxious news shows where people sit around a... more »

Mid-summer leaf samples for nutrient analysis

As shoots grow and leaves age, nutrient concentrations change. Mid-summer is the standard time to sample because levels of most nutrients are relatively stable and are most easy to interpret by comparing them to known... more »

Comparison of fruit sampling methods for SWD in blueberries

Spotted wing Drosophila is a new, invasive insect pest of fruit crops that was first detected in Michigan in September 2010. At the time of this article (July 2011), there have been no detections of... more »

Farm lenders seek diverse asset base, good records

While the lending market remains sluggish, loans are being made – albeit in limited quantity to qualified borrowers. Lenders want to see accuracy, a good credit history and a regular payment record. They also like... more »

Don’t let downy mildew get you down

Downy mildew has gotten a relatively early start this year in southwest Michigan with first sightings from mid- to late June, depending on location and cultivar. So far, the most affected cultivar has been Chancellor... more »

The nitrogen cycle: Explaining where your lost nitrogen is going

With the weather of the spring season, losing nitrogen from our farm fields isn’t just a worry, but rather an unwelcome reality. However, using the word “lost” to describe where your nitrogen (N) has gone... more »

Washington winery expands family enterprise

Once a week, Greg Fries makes the drive from a winery in Dundee, Ore., to a winery in Prosser, Wash. The drive takes about four hours. He stays for a night or two. Greg, 39,... more »

Usage, population, sprawl push advancements in irrigation

Plants need water to grow, but as global demand for quality fruit has increased in the last 50 years, the need to have the proper amount of water for successful plant growth has increased, too.... more »

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