May 19, 2020
Apple trees have bloomed statewide, NY growers group announces

Here’s a New York sign that spring has arrived: apple trees are now in bloom across the state, the state’s apple growers’ association reports.

According to a news release, temperatures have warmed enough statewide to coax blossoms from their winter sleep, turning orchards into seas of pink buds that are opening into white flowers. While blossoms are already peaking in the Hudson Valley, they are just starting to break open in western New York and will soon follow around Lake Champlain.

Cynthia Haskins

“This year’s bloom is now on track despite a false start due to a couple of cold snaps in late April and first week of May.  Concerns about any potential frost damage have largely receded as bloom progresses,” said New York Apple Association President Cynthia Haskins. “It is warming up in central New York and apple blossoms are in bloom right now.” 

It is warming up in central New York in more ways than one.  New York State has begun the process of restarting business after a statewide stay-at-home executive order stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. “This year’s apple blossom comes at a perfect time as it brings a smile to everyone’s face,” shared Haskins. “There are well over 50,000 acres of apple blossoms this season and the public enjoys driving by the orchards to take in the beautiful sight. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and apple bloom is a beautiful sign of what is to come – New York State apples freshly picked off the tree.”

NYAA produced a short video showcasing New York State apple blossoms while visually telling the apple story. The video centers on growers, apple orchards in bloom, bees, and pollination. The video will appear on social media platforms this week.

2019 crop will be sold out before the fall harvest

“The 2019 New York state apple crop will sell out well before harvest starts this fall, so apple fans who haven’t had their fill yet will want to stock up now,” said Haskins. “Most of that fruit is being stored in high-tech controlled atmosphere storerooms that maintain the apples’ just-picked flavor.”

Apple harvest dates vary by variety and growing region. New York state growers will start harvest in August for some early-season varieties and in the southernmost growing areas, and be largely finished by October for late-season varieties and in northern growing areas.

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