Sep 6, 2018
Atticus introduces lepidoteran control with Inspirato 2 F

Cary, North Carolina-based Atticus has introduced Inspirato 2 F, an insect growth regulator that targets lepidopteran insects in the specialty crop market.

Inspirato 2 F (comparable to Intrepid 2F) protects almonds, apples, grapes, citrus, and other crops from the detriment of lepidoteran (moths, butterflies) insects and feeding damage. The active ingredient, methoxyfenozide, a diacylhydrazine class of insecticide, uses a unique mode of action to target insects by mimicking the action of the molting hormone in larvae, causing a lethal premature molt. 

Inspirato 2 F is a tank mix partner and is rainfast as soon as the product dries. Plus, its selective nature allows growers to target harmful pests, while remaining gentle on beneficial insects, mites, and pollinators.

According to Shan Brooks, vice president, Specialty Crop Markets, “As a company, Atticus is committed to developing products with the customer in mind. Inspirato 2 F’s outstanding residual control and unique mode of action adds another relevant tool for Integrated Pest Management programs to the Atticus portfolio.”

 Atticus LLC manufactures a growing portfolio of relevant branded-generic fungicides, herbicides and insecticides for the U.S. row crop, specialty agriculture and professional market. The company’s focus is to provide the right products, at the best value, with efficacy and availability that customers can trust. American-owned, privately held and personally financed, Atticus is vested in being the off-patent company with the experience and insight to support customers better. For more information, please visit

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