Apr 26, 2022
Biobest invests in biocontrol company Biopartner

Biopartner and Biobest Group announced on April 26 that Biobest has acquired a 60% stake in Biopartner. Biopartner is a distributor of biological plant protection products, bumblebees for pollination, fertilizers and biopesticides in the Polish horticultural market. This investment builds on a long-standing collaboration in biocontrol and pollination which began in 1992.

Biopartner was established in 1992 and became the first distributor in Poland for Biobest Group NV. Janusz Piatkowski and Tomasz Domagala initially distributed bumblebees to tomato growers in Poland. As the Biobest product range expanded, the Biopartner business grew along with it. Biopartner was one of the first companies in Poland to offer bumblebees and beneficial insects to greenhouse growers. Now, per 2022, Biopartner also offers biostimulants, biofertilizers, biopesticides and monitoring tools. The company deals with a range of crops including protected greenhouse crops, covered and outdoor berries and ornamentals.

“We are glad to see the biocontrol industry increase rapidly worldwide,” said Piatkowski. “Growers are becoming more experienced with biological crop protection and generally explore all the biocontrol options before applying any agrochemical alternative. With good advice and a preventative approach, growers in Poland are introducing more beneficial organisms year by year. In addition, the increasing availability of biopesticides is helping ensure the growth of IPM control strategies. Biopartner offers reliable biocontrol advice and fast supply of quality products to growers in Poland. I’m very happy to announce our alliance with Biobest – this is a great way to mark the 30 years anniversary of Biopartner and its collaborations with Biobest. This will help us grow faster and explore other markets within Poland.”

Marc Mertens, CSO of Biobest Group NV added, “We strongly believe in the growth potential of the Polish market. Therefore, we have taken this step to acquire a majority share in Biopartner. With such a longstanding and strong relationship with Biopartner, we will further strengthen our offer and position in Poland. Biobest will increase its support to Biopartner and the Polish growers in order to further promote the use of biocontrol crop protection.”

Biopartner’s name will soon be changed into Biobest Polska. Biobest Polska continues to focus on the needs of growers and will assist customers in choosing the best solutions, from an integrated portfolio of products and services, to efficiently manage their crops. Our strong position in the market is largely due to the excellent network of sub-distributors. The company will stay a reliable partner for its suppliers.

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