The PATS-C system in a greenhouse

May 16, 2022
Biobest, PATS partnership gives growers access to scouting tool

Thanks to an alliance with technology company PATS, Biobest’s portfolio of IPM solutions has gained a scouting tool. As of May 16, growers can take advantage of PATS-C, a system that detects real-time flying pests, such as moths, in the greenhouse. This data allows earlier and more accurate introduction of biological agents.

“To measure is to know,” said Sam Gui, market development manager, High Tech IPM at Biobest, in a news release. “The plug and play cameras from PATS provide information about when, where and how much moths are active in the greenhouse. It is completely automatic, requiring no staff, and can often provide data before the pests are detected visually – saving the growers time in their scouting program.

“Biobest is a strong believer of data-driven cultivation and the numerous benefits it will create for the growers. This new partnership with PATS will prove a golden combination. With this data, our advisors can provide even better tailored advice, making the IPM program more robust while further reducing the use of corrective agents. Delivering benefits to several parties, growers can reduce their use of products, making their crop protection program more efficient, while consumers get products with as little residue as possible.”

Intelligent scouting

“By including PATS cameras in Biobest’s product range, this smart scouting tool will quickly become accessible to growers worldwide,” said Bram Tijmons, CEO & co-founder of PATS.

He emphasizes that this is a “smart” system.

“PATS-C continuously records the presence and population built-up of moths. This allows the grower to monitor more accurately and time the introduction of biological agents better,” said Tijmons. “The system brings the scouting data to the grower in a form of a dashboard at his fingertips for him to consult the situation in his greenhouse anytime anywhere. With this technology, we also learn more about the behaviour of the pests, such as which hours they are active. This can then be used to improve timing on the day of application itself.”


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