Dec 8, 2022
Cherry board seeks nominations for 3-year terms

The Cherry Industry Administrative Board (CIAB) is seeking nominations for 10 board member positions and their respective alternates.

Election materials will be emailed to growers and handlers starting the week of Jan. 2 If an email is not on file with the CIAB, materials will be sent via regular mail. The board election process is scheduled to be completed by late March.

The three-year terms start July 1.

Open seats on the board are:

  • Northern Michigan – handler member and alternate
  • Central Michigan – handler member and alternate
  • Southern Michigan – grower member and alternate
  • Oregon – at-large member and alternate
  • Pennsylvania – at-large member and alternate
  • Utah – grower member* and alternate
  • Utah – handler member and alternate
  • Washington – grower member and alternate
  • Wisconsin – grower member and alternate
  • Wisconsin – handler member and alternate
Courtesy CIAB

The Utah and Wisconsin grower member election was in November, due to those districts having both a grower and handler member position up for election. Curtis Rowley was elected as the grower member in Utah and Terry Sorenson was elected in Wisconsin. Per the CIAB voting procedures, the grower member, handler member, grower alternate, and handler alternate nomination and ballot processes are completed in this sequence to avoid a sales constituency conflict when both a grower and handler seat are up for election in the same cycle.

In crop year 2022 Wisconsin’s three-year average production is greater than 10 million pounds. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) §930.20 board membership, Wisconsin will increase by one seat. This will change Wisconsin from one at-large seat to one grower and one handler seat.

If you have questions, contact the CIAB office at (517) 669-1070.

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