Feb 12, 2016
Cornell researchers developing weather technology for farmers

Researchers at Cornell University are developing technology to help farmers lessen damage from warm winters, according to Allison Chatrchyan, director of the Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture.

A current development is a freeze risk tool to help growers prepare for weather changes.

Here’s more from The Cornell Daily Sun:

Warm winters cause the biggest problem for the fruit and vegetable growers because bulbs bloom in midwinter and cold snaps in the spring can be incredibly damaging for crops,according to Chatrchyan.

The Climate Institute is developing technologies to help farmers mitigate the damage that increasingly frequent late season freezes may cause in the future, according to Chatrchyan.

“Right now, we’re developing a freeze risk tool for grapes and apples, which will give a projected forecast for the next couple days,” Chatrchyan said. “If there is a potential freeze, [the tool] will give a warning, and farmers can put in place practices to try to prevent loss or damage if they know that’s a risk.”

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