Jan 16, 2017
Key introduces new VERYX digital sorters for berries

Key Technology introduces VERYX digital sorters for fresh and frozen berries. According to Key, VERYX maximizes sorting accuracy with innovative mechanical architecture, sustained all-sided surface inspection, cameras and lasers, multi-sensor Pixel Fusion, a high-precision ejection system, and specialized product handling systems.

Tailored to each customer’s application, VERYX chute- and belt-fed sorters increase foreign material (FM) and defect removal, according to the company.

Ideal for blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and more, VERYX inspects fresh and individually quick frozen (IQF) berries as well as crumble and powder products. Recognizing each object’s color, size, shape and structural properties, VERYX detects and removes soft fruit, broken berries, color-based defects and both organic and inorganic FM including stems, leaves, metal, glass, rocks, paperboard, plastics and rubber of any color.

Up to four channels of information from digital cameras and up to eight channels from the laser scanner satisfy a range of application requirements, according to Key. Pixel Fusion is a patented advanced detection technology that combines pixel-level input from multiple camera and laser sensors to provide the differentiation between good product, defects and FM. With Pixel Fusion, VERYX consistently removes difficult-to-detect stems and other foreign materials without ‘false positives’ (the incorrect identification of good product as defect or FM), according to the company.

Available in various widths, VERYX offers a modular design that is configured with the ideal sensor types, sensor positions, lighting, ejection system, product handling and software to meet each processor’s specific requirements. As future sorting needs change, the sorter can be upgraded in the field with additional or different sensor types to accommodate new customer requirements.

VERYX chute- and belt-fed sorters offer in-air inspection and the ability to view all sides of the product. VERYX’s 100 percent surface inspection virtually eliminates blind spots to maximize defect detection and removal. All-sided inspection is sustained throughout the production cycle without requiring manual cleaning, because VERYX’s architecture strategically positions sensors, light sources and backgrounds away from product splatter and contamination zones.

VERYX includes smart features such as auto-learning, self-adjustment algorithms, predictive system diagnostics, smart alarms and FMAlert, which enable it to adapt to normal changes in the product and environment and perform without operator intervention. As result, VERYX can operate virtually unattended during normal production, according to Key.

For more information on Key’s VERYX, visit www.key.net/products/veryx.


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