Jul 11, 2024
Monarch Tractor, Verizon partnership promotes connectivity

Monarch Tractor and Verizon Business have entered a partnership to support more sustainable farming practices with the use of autonomous tractors connected via Verizon’s network.

Monarch developed the MK-V, the world’s first fully electric, autonomous, smart tractor, according to a news release.

By harnessing Verizon’s technology, Monarch Tractor enables its autonomous tractors to be connected even in remote agricultural landscapes. Unlike traditional broadband products, Verizon provides technology that connects homes and businesses. The connectivity is ideal for remote locations and well suited for the vineyards and farmlands served by Monarch Tractor, according to the release.

Monarch Tractor

“The premise of Monarch Tractor has been centered around delivering farm machinery that drives farmer profitability and planet sustainability at scale,” Praveen Penmetsa, Monarch’s CEO and co-founder, said in the release. “Leveraging Verizon’s connectivity solutions has been integral to making the MK-V tractor’s smart, sustainable technology accessible to customers in remote farming communities, allowing us to bring the latest in electrification and autonomy into the hands of farmers across the country.”

Innovation is at the heart of the partnership between Verizon Business and Monarch Tractor, which is investigating the deployment of additional Verizon Business solutions tailored to the agricultural sector. These include capabilities such as the wireless network performance tool and GPS location services, according to the release.

The deal between Verizon and Monarch underscores the transformative potential of technology in promoting sustainable agriculture by driving innovation, connectivity, and efficiency in farming practices, paving the way for a more resilient and prosperous future for farmers and communities worldwide, according to the release.

Headquartered in Livermore, California, a renowned agricultural hub, Monarch Tractor’s farmer-centric approach to technology aligns with Verizon’s commitment to advancing technological solutions for businesses across diverse sectors, marking this as a pivotal moment in the agricultural industry. This effort is driven heavily by the Monarch MK-V platform, according to the release.

The Monarch MK-V combines electrification, machine learning, and data analysis to enhance operations by driving labor productivity, increased safety, and significant cost savings. Monarch customers can access the power of the MK-V with the Wingspan Ag Intelligence (WingspanAI) platform, which provides automated operations planning, remote fleet management, tractor performance reports and maintenance diagnostics. This enables the execution of autonomous operations via the WingspanAI app and deeper visibility into MK-V operations through live video feeds and near real-time alerts from virtually anywhere, according to the release.

Verizon Business

Monarch, through its work with Verizon, is using connectivity in this real-world use case, highlighting how the Verizon network helps meet the demand for access to high-speed, reliable internet, in virtually any location or industry, according to the release.

“Monarch Tractor is an example of what happens when an innovative customer leverages our class network and shows the power and versatility of our wireless network,” Aparna Khurjekar, Verizon Business’ chief revenue officer, said in the release. “By providing connectivity to their autonomous tractors, we are enabling Monarch Tractor’s mission to redefine an industry, bringing greater data-driven decision-making to the agricultural sector.”

Monarch’s autonomous tractors stay connected even in remote agricultural areas, leveraging the power of Verizon’s wireless networks.

Monarch Tractor’s Monarch MK-V platform, integrated with Verizon’s technology, enables autonomous operations, near real-time visibility, and alerts for farmers, according to the release.

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