Feb 28, 2018
Resource roadmap helps Michigan farms pursue produce safety

Michigan State University Extension has released a new tool to help produce farmers navigate the various food safety resources available to them in Michigan. The Michigan Farm Food Safety Roadmap is a step-by-step guide to the various programs available to produce growers at each step of the process: from education, to planning, to risk assessment, to optional certification.

A collaborative effort between Michigan State University Extension’s Agrifood Safety and Community Food Systems work teams, in addition to many community and state level partnerships, offer growers support and assistance at every stop along the road to safer food:

  • Food Safety Education: MSU Extension offers a variety of workshops on farm food safety practices. One upcoming course of note is the Safe Use of Animal Based Soil Amendments workshop, offered in five locations across the state this spring. Other educational offerings may be found by visiting http://msue.anr.msu.edu/events.
  • Risk Assessment: MSU Extension staff can refer you to your local Food Safety Technician, who in turn can take you through the free and confidential Michigan Produce Safety Risk Assessment program. This program can help show you how your operation is in alignment with new federal produce safety requirements under FSMA as well as help prepare you for a third party audit, if interested.
  • FSMA Training: MSU Extension is currently offering the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training to meet the FSMA training requirement for produce growers. Register here for this course.
  • Written Food Safety Plan: MSU Extension’s Agrifood Safety webpage offers resources to help growers write a farm food safety plan.
  • Food Safety Certification: Several MSU Extension staff serve on the Michigan GroupGAP Network as educators and internal auditors. GroupGAP is a way to achieve USDA GAP certification in a supportive educational environments. To learn more, visit the Michigan GroupGAP website.

Together with our partners around the state, MSU Extension is working to build a culture of food safety from farm to table. Michigan State University Extension’s Community Food Systems Work Team supports the development of local food systems in Michigan. For more information, connect with your local community food systems educator by visiting http://msue.anr.msu.edu/or calling 1-888-678-3464.


Mariel Borgman, Michigan State University Extension

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