Feb 12, 2021
Senstar insecticide effective against woolly apple aphid, pear psylla, others

Valent USA’s new insecticide Senstar is being marketed to apple and pear growers as an effective treatment for such pests as woolly aphid, mealybugs and pear psylla.

(PRNewsfoto/Valent U.S.A. LLC)

Senstar has two effective modes of action which each act in unique ways to prevent young insects from growing into adult form, offering growers long-lasting control of soft-bodied insects, according to a news release from the company. With both translaminar and systemic properties that disrupt all life stages of targeted pests, Senstar helps achieve high-quality, clean fruit from the start.

“For pests like pear psylla, it is important to have a season-long program to keep nymphs from feeding and producing honeydew,” said Allison Walston, Valent field market development specialist for the Pacific Northwest.Senstar is an effective tool at petal fall to inhibit all life stages from developing and feeding.”

Using the player below, listen to Walston talk in detail about the application timing of Senstar:

“The two modes of action in Senstar have been skillfully formulated to give growers a reliable and user-friendly product that ensures effective mixing and application while providing long-lasting pest control,” Greg Clarke, Valent field market development specialist for the eastern U.S., said in the news release. “The dual-action of Senstar provides effective control of woolly apple aphid-like products from long ago, but instead with two effective and IPM-compatible modes of action.”

Senstar controls pests to protect fruit quality in several ways:

  • Prevents sticky pears or black sooty mold russet from pear psylla infestations and supports stronger trees by preventing woolly apple aphid feeding on roots and limbs.
  • Systemic activity controls pests hiding in bark crevices and colonizes new vegetative growth as well as existing foliage.
  • Fast translaminar movement penetrates leaf tissue to help reach pests that feed on the underside of leaves.

“Growers need to protect their fruit at key points during the season,” added Clarke. “Senstar can be used at petal fall or later as a follow-up to Esteem 35 WP Insect Growth Regulator when needed.”

Senstar is an excellent fit for integrated pest management (IPM) programs by helping growers effectively manage key insect pests with low impact to beneficial arthropods, according to the news release. By combining two different modes of action, Senstar targets all pest life stages, from eggs to sterilizing adults, resulting in long-lasting control. The systemic and translaminar properties of Senstar help to reach out within the canopy where insects feed and breed to optimize control, preventing insects from damaging fruit, protecting yield and delivering marketable apples and pears.

Senstar is part of the “Bud-to-Box” product portfolio of solutions from Valent and Pace International that features more than 20 crop production solutions, including new Excali Fungicide, ReTain Plant Growth Regulator Soluble Powder, MycoApply EndoMaxx, DiPel DF Biological Insecticide Dry Flowable, Esteem 35 WP, and Raynox Sunburn Protectants.

To learn more about Senstar, growers may contact their local retailer or visit

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