Oct 8, 2021
‘Unsafe’ cider produced in an uninspected, unlicensed Michigan facility

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is advising consumers not to drink cider produced by Bowens Mills in Middleville, Michigan, due to food safety concerns.

Bowens Mills was found operating an unlicensed cider processing facility and selling the cider in violation of the Michigan Food Law, P.A. 92 of 2000, as amended. Observations made by MDARD inspectors onsite at the firm have led to concerns about the safety of the cider. During the investigation, MDARD staff issued a cease and desist order to ensure no additional product leaves the premises.

Licensing and inspection of cider mills and other food establishments helps assure food safety by identifying potential risks in the handling, processing, bottling, and labeling of food products and ensuring the food establishment takes steps to reduce or eliminate these risks.

Bowen Mills one-half gallon container.

All cider products produced by Bowens Mills are covered by this advisory and include:

  • Apple cider packaged in one-gallon plastic jugs, under the label, “Bowens Mills Fresh Apple Cider.” The label also states, “Warning: Not Pasteurized.”
  • Apple cider packaged in one-gallon plastic jugs, under the label, “Bowens Mills Fresh Apple Cider,” labeled as pasteurized.
  • Apple cider packaged in half-gallon plastic jugs, under the label,“Bowens Mills Fresh Apple Cider,” labeled as pasteurized.
Bowen Mills one-gallon container.

Consumers should discard this product. If you think you or a family member may have become ill from consuming any of these products, please seek immediate medical attention.

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