Carbon balance model used for apple chemical thinning

Chemical thinning is a complex process that annually challenges the professional apple grower. In recent years, many growers have started using the MaluSim Carbon Balance Model to assist them in managing the crop load of... more »

New Zealand apple now available in United States

Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative has announced that container shipments of KORU apples, grown in New Zealand, have begun arriving at U.S. ports. The KORU variety is now produced in the United States, but the... more »

Northwest Michigan growers planting at higher densities

Northwest Michigan’s fruit industry is in transition. Wine grapes have been booming, but after two brutal winters and two failed crops in a row the region’s tourist-magnet wineries aren’t as certain about the future of their... more »

May 1 apple holdings down from last year

According to the U.S. Apple Association, U.S. fresh apple holdings on May 1 totaled 33.4 million bushels, 26 percent below the record inventories of 44.9 million bushels on May 1, 2015, and 6 percent below... more »

Root pruning helps reduce excessive vigor

Using root pruning to help control excessive tree vigor has been researched by Dave Ferree of Ohio State University and Jim Schupp of Pennsylvania State University. Root pruning is accomplished by pulling an offset subsoiler... more »

Equipment monitors orchard temperature

When it comes to apples, idealists continually search for the best one, pessimists settle for the one within easiest reach, while optimists take them all and make pies – or in the case of the... more »

April 1 fresh apple holdings down from last year

According to the U.S. Apple Association, fresh apple holdings on April 1 totaled 47 million bushels, 23 percent below the record inventories (61.1 million bushels) reported for April 1, 2015, and 3 percent below the... more »

MPAG updates status of 2016 US apple crop

Michigan Processing Apple Growers gave an update on the status of the North American apple crop on April 6: Michigan. Southwest – Green tip to half inch green. Orchard temperatures the morning of April 5 were... more »

2016 fruit insecticide registration update

The following is a review of insecticide and miticide label changes and restrictions to the Michigan State University Extension Bulletin E0154, “2016 Michigan Fruit Management Guide.” Agri-chemical labels and regulations can change quickly, so use this... more »

Prepare for cold temperatures tonight

Potential freezing weather is approaching Michigan's Fruit Ridge the night of April 4-5. Amy Irish-Brown, a Michigan State University Extension educator, gave growers some context for how to prepare. On the Ridge, most apples are... more »

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