Michigan Takes a Serious Look at Cranberries

There are a number of explanations for why Wisconsin has 18,000 acres of cranberries and Michigan, a similar place 100 miles away across Lake Michigan, has only 250. Potential growers tend to blame it on... more »

Wanted: More Cranberries. Call Today.

Ocean Spray is looking for more cranberries, either produced by its existing 600 or so growers who own the cooperative company or by other growers who’d like to join the co-op and the growing market... more »

Michigan Cultivates a New Industry: Cranberries

Michigan agricultural officials see a big opportunity for jobs in a little red berry that is rapidly growing in popularity. The Detroit News more »

Tart Cherry Industry Will Decide the Fate of Its Marketing Order

In March, tart cherry growers and handlers will decide whether to extend the life of their industry’s federal marketing order, known as the Cherry Industry Administrative Board (CIAB). The voters will receive ballots in the... more »

2007 Noncitrus Fruit Utilized Production Down 1 Percent, Value Up 5 Percent

In 2007, the Nation's utilized production of the leading noncitrus fruit crops totaled 16.6 million tons, down 1 percent from the 2006 utilized production, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Utilized production decreased from... more »

New Cranberry Hybrid High in Antioxidants

ARS scientists and colleagues are suiting up a wholesome cranberry variety with a newly isolated genetic trait. Using traditional breeding methods, they have created an experimental cranberry line with a high level of absorbable antioxidants.... more »

Pursuit of Grants Alters Washington Extension Priorities

This is the fifth story in a series about the future of Extension. Contrary to the opinions of most of his old professors, Tim Smith is not a loser. In fact, he’s quite highly regarded... more »

Emerging Federal Rules Drive Blueberry Growers to Try New Insecticides

Blueberry growers currently are getting pretty good pest control with the pesticides they have available. So why would they be interested in new products, especially ones that cost more and might be more difficult to... more »

Industry Looks Ahead to Increasingly Better Times

Depending upon where you put your benchmark, the best of times are either ahead of us – or behind us – in the cranberry industry. For the optimistic, prices have been steadily rising since 1999,... more »

Group Steps Up Its Marketing Efforts with Urban Bogs

Cranberry bogs sprang up out of nowhere in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles last month, and disappeared after a few days. It wasn’t a case of spontaneous generation or some freak cranberry harvest.... more »

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