Scheduling Achieves Agronomic Benefits Beyond Production

South Tyrol’s apple growing area extends to more than 44,400 acres, with virtually all this area being equipped with irrigation. Irrigation is in fact one of the pre-requisites for commercial apple production, although the amount... more »

Apple Crop Estimate Down 10 Percent

The U.S. Apple Association (USApple) released its 2005 production forecast during the Apple Crop Outlook and Marketing Conference Aug. 18-19 in Chicago. It estimated total production in the United States this year at 223.45 million... more »

Industry Looks Ahead to Increasingly Better Times

Depending upon where you put your benchmark, the best of times are either ahead of us – or behind us – in the cranberry industry. For the optimistic, prices have been steadily rising since 1999,... more »

Family Makes Its Mark with Dried Cherries, Chocolate

Mike and Marsh Shadbolt are not your typical Oregon sweet cherry growers. In fact, the couple is one of a kind. For starters, the Shadbolts, owners of Cherry Country in the Eola Hills west of... more »

Immigration Reform Could Profoundly Affect Farms

There are dozens of bills in the U.S. Congress that address immigration reform in one way or another, but only one deals specifically with agriculture. The Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act of 2005... more »

Mexico’s High Desert Apple Orchards Fuel Warm Thoughts

Travelers come in two types, I’ve noticed. There are the critical types, who don’t see much good in the way other folks do things. They compare everything they see, unfavorably, to what they left back... more »

Grower Finds Success At Supermarkets

From mid-May until the end of June, blueberries fly out of the packing plant at Sweet Berry Farms. In those six weeks, three million pounds of blueberries will be sold, bringing in the whole year’s... more »

Editor Studies the Chinese Apple Industry With IFTA

In July, I traveled with the International Fruit Tree Association (IFTA) on its study tour to China. More than 80 people were on the trip, including industry members from all over the world. Rather than... more »

Virus Found in New York, Michigan

After causing a stir six years ago, plum pox virus (PPV) laid low while government officials conducted mopping up operations in Pennsylvania and Ontario. Then, within a month this summer, PPV was found in New... more »

Irrigation Outlook Mixed

The irrigation outlook for 2005 is better than it has been in years, at least in Colorado. The last few years, water levels have been low due to drought, but local growers are hoping the... more »

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