New Concept Cherry Harvester Has Its Debut

For years, cherry growers have worked with large trees. It was a major challenge to contain their vegetative vigor and get them into full fruit production in less than six or eight years. Now that... more »

Pennsylvania Farm Specializes in Adding Value

Soergel Orchards sells fruit salad in a special basket for $54.99 – and people are willing to pay for it. The secret is the basket: a carved-out watermelon. Each hollow melon can hold 12 to... more »

New York Producers Can’t Sell Customers Raw Cider Anymore

Once again, New York has outlawed untreated cider – and this time it might be for good. A law went into effect last month that requires all cider sold in the state be treated to... more »

Patience Pays Dividends During 108th Congress

One word comes to mind when analyzing Farm Bureau's accomplishments during the 108th Congress. That word is "patience." And, as William Shakespeare wrote, "Though patience be a tired mare… she will plod." Patience was vital... more »

Shipping Cherries by the Millions

It was July 22, deep into the cherry harvest, and the cooling pad at Cherry Bay Orchards was abuzz with activity. Cooled water poured into tanks, each filled with about 1,000 pounds of cherries. When... more »

Kentucky Couple Spreads the Good News About Blueberries

When Jenny and Larry Martin moved to Kentucky in 1995, they brought more blueberry bushes with them than there were in the entire state. It was the genesis of the burgeoning Kentucky blueberry industry. The... more »

IFTA helped growers bring fruit trees down to size

On March 5, the International Fruit Tree Association observed its 50th birthday – marking a half-century of fruit growers working together to bring trees down to manageable size. Logically, such an organization should have been... more »

PDAs Add Efficiency to Farm Operations

A Palm Pilot can be an efficient and dependable tool to keep track of picking records, said a Michigan grower. Gary Bardenhagen from Lake Leelanau, Mich., has been using Palm Pilots to keep track of... more »

Hip Apple Seeks Market Groove

A few Washington apple producers are starting to benefit from being members of an exclusive club that grows a New Zealand apple called Jazz. The variety moved into retail stores in the United States and... more »

Warm Winter Brings Early Berries, Hail Cuts Into Production

There are advantages and disadvantages to mild winters, such as the one most of the United States experienced in 2006. But for strawberry growers in North Carolina – the country’s fourth largest producer – the... more »

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