Jun 20, 2022
Agoro Carbon Alliance distributed over $9M to growers in first year

Agoro Carbon Alliance has distributed more than $9 million in payments to U.S. farmers and ranchers in its first year, carving a unique position in the carbon farming market.

“We are extremely proud of the company’s success in the first year,” said Agoro Carbon interim CEO Elliot Formal. “We have connected with farmers and ranchers throughout the U.S., and look forward to our carbon journey together in the years to come.”

Agoro Carbon is committed to the carbon market, as evidenced by the significant progress to date, including putting more than $9 million back in U.S. farmers’ and ranchers’ hands. As a company backed by Yara International, Agoro Carbon is uniquely positioned with a focus on farmer and rancher success. The company’s carbon contract opportunities are based on improved management practices to sequester carbon and deliver sustained agriculture improvements, and are not packaged or paired with other product offerings.

Focus on farmer, rancher success

Agoro Carbon’s focus on education and grower support helps farmers and ranchers understand the benefits of regenerative practices on soil health, which drives carbon sequestration. In addition to the Agoro Carbon agronomy sales team, highly trained agronomists work as the company’s grower success team across the U.S.

The grower success team helps farmers and ranchers understand the historical data required and enables the efficient collection of this data. The Agoro Carbon team will then facilitate the soil sampling process and establish the baseline. Subsequently, the grower success team will work hand-in-hand with the farmers to support regenerative practices that will sequester carbon and deliver sustained improvements to their land.

“Throughout the life of the contract, we are there to provide agronomic advice, answer questions about management practices or share input on improving soil health and carbon storage on a field-by-field level,” said Ryan Winter, Agoro Carbon grower success manager. “Our goal is to showcase the value of regenerative practices, not just in terms of storing carbon in the soil but also overall soil health and forage production, along with limiting erosion and compaction.”

The next chapter

The U.S. is a key market for Agoro Carbon, driven by the willingness of American farmers and ranchers to engage in regenerative agriculture and the scale of the potential impact of these partnerships.

“At Agoro Carbon, we are focused on delivering a climate-positive change and financial returns to our farmer and rancher partners,” said Formal. “We provide education on the benefits of regenerative agriculture and work together to support their change to more sustainable practices. The transparency in our contracts, including options for early payments, help our farmer and rancher partners know exactly what to expect when working with Agoro Carbon.”

With Agoro Carbon’s background in agronomic knowledge and commitment to the carbon market, farmers and ranchers can be assured the company will be with them throughout their carbon journey. Those interested in carbon farming or learning more about conservation practices can visit www.AgoroCarbonAlliance.com or the Agoro Carbon Farming Knowledge Hub.


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