Sep 6, 2022
BioConsortia showcases innovative products for investors

BioConsortia’s innovative microbial products and technical capabilities were on full display recently at its Davis, California, headquarters in an investor-focused Technology Showcase event.

At the Aug. 30 event, BioConsortia demonstrated rapid advancements in microbial product and pipeline developments for:

  • Reducing nitrogen fertilizers;
  • Controlling soil pests and plant diseases;
  • Protecting crops postharvest, for larger and better-quality crop yields;
  • Avoiding food waste; and
  • Minimizing environmental impact and protecting the planet.

Commercial Advances

“Today we highlight the breadth of innovations developed to replace crop inputs with superior microbe-based solutions for agriculture,” Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO of BioConsortia Inc., said in a news release.  “The recent progress of our pipeline – including some exciting technology breakthroughs – means we are ready to advance multiple major products into the commercialization phase with marketing partners.”

The Technology Showcase event highlighted products moving into partner trials, commercialization phase and new pipeline projects, including:

  • N-POWER seed treatment field trials – N-POWER will be the first nitrogen-fixation seed treatment product based on robust, spore-forming technology, enabling easy adoption through an application methodology already well-integrated in farming.
  • GARNET biofungicide in an optimized post-harvest formulation – GARNET, already proven as a foliar and soil fungicide, will also be made available as a 50 times concentrated formulation to protect both conventional and organic fruits and vegetables from a wide variety of post-harvest diseases that today limit shelf-life.
  • Additions to the bionematicide pipeline and NO-NEM – BioConsortia added three new active ingredient leads to the nematicide pipeline and advanced NO-NEM, the company’s first nematicide, to full development phase.  BioConsortia’s nematicide pipeline is among the most robust in agricultural product development.
  • Novel genetic components for Nitrogen-fixation – The company announced discovery of novel genetic components driving nitrogen-fixation, utilizing their GenePro platform, enabling BioConsortia’s scientists to design proprietary microbial strains that will fix nitrogen when other N-fixing strains will not.
  • Bactericide and insecticides – Project leaders highlighted early technological success in projects aiming to deliver effective microbial metabolites for control of bacteria, and critically important coleopteran and lepidopteran insect pests.
Hong Zhu, Bioconsortia head of research and development, with CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith discussing GARNET's efficacy against post-harvest pathogens on apples.
Hong Zhu, Bioconsortia head of research and development, with CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith discussing GARNET’s efficacy against post-harvest pathogens on apples. Photo: BioConsortia.

“BioConsortia’s pipeline progress highlights the strengths of the company’s R&D platform – unique in the industry in terms of discovery of plant-affiliated microbes and their optimization as solutions for agriculture,” Dr. Hong Zhu, senior vice president of research and development at BioConsortia.

Accelerating Partnering Activities

BioConsortia’s Technology Showcase included a session on the company’s plans to accelerate  partnering activities.

“BioConsortia is fundamentally a discovery and optimization company, designing microbial products to solve the challenges we must meet in order to feed a hungry world,” Meadows-Smith said in the release.  “Many projects are maturing rapidly and will soon enter the market.  We look forward to working with commercial partners to deliver these powerful innovations to the market.”

For more information, visit or email [email protected].

TOP PHOTO: BioConsortia CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith presents information on microbial products for sustainable agriculture recently. PHOTO: BioConstortia


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