Jan 27, 2022
Biological soil analysis BeCrop updated by Biome Makers

Biome Makers Inc. announced Jan. 27 updates to its advanced biological soil analysis: BeCrop.

Growers used to have to wait until after the growing season to determine the success of their crops, but now BeCrop provides an overview of the current soil performance, adding a biological dimension to the world of soil testing.

BeCrop is touted as the first digital soiltech platform delivering a functional crop specific analysis of the soil microbiome based on its genetic information. The technology digitizes the microbial biology of the soil and offers user-friendly data-fueled insights on the farm’s underground bioactivity.

BeCrop translates complex ag data about the microbiome into simplified reports that provide comprehensive, actionable results, optimizing inputs and farm operations. This groundbreaking technology is the standard for soil testing and is paving the way for soil health, sustainable farming and ecosystem restoration across the world.

Biome Makers offers cutting-edge technology and continues to invest in R&D to bring the best solutions to the market. The BeCrop 2.0  update includes enhancements in the bioinformatics algorithm, which facilitate a deeper understanding of the soil microbiome networks.

The outputs are reflected in the final reports with Soil Quality Index, new bacteria and fungi ratios, and Ectomicorryza and Arbuscular ratios which hold a powerful link to carbon sequestration.

Sign up for Biome Makers’ latest webinar: Know Before You Grow: Predicting the Effectiveness of Biologicals on Feb. 16 at 1 PM CST.

Join a discussion with Matt Rasmussen, fifth-generation soybean and corn farmer, and Al Toops, soil health expert, as they explore the benefits of soil analysis and biological products.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Founded in California’s Silicon Valley in 2015, Biome Makers has distinguished itself as one of the foremost global SoilTech leaders, providing a standard in soil analysis. Biome Makers connect soil biology to decision-making processes in agriculture to benefit farmers and reverse the degradation of arable soils, encouraging carbon sequestration and fighting climate change. Biome Makers currently operates labs across the globe and catering to customers in over 4 continents. Built on industry-leading precision AgTech expertise, Biome Makers takes a data-driven approach to decoding the soil microbiome and promoting soil health worldwide.

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