May 4, 2021
Gibraltar growing and processing companies unify as Prospiant

On May 4, Gibraltar Industries announced that Nexus Greenhouse Systems, Rough Brothers, Inc. (RBI), Tetra, Apeks Supercritical, Delta Separations and ThermoEnergy Solutions, all part of its greenhouse and custom growing and processing group, have been combined under a new brand.

The new brand is called Prospiant.

“It is the merger of prosperity and the –ant suffix is the group of people that make that things happen – the makers of prosperity. We are positioning ourselves as technology providers to the growing community,” said Mark Dunson, Prospiant’s group president.

Fruit Growers News sister publication Greenhouse Product News (GPN) spoke with Dunson shortly before the announcement to get the details on the unification of the companies. He said it is a culmination of multiple moves that Gibraltar Industries has made of the years.

According to Dunson, the move will provide a more seamless experience for floriculture, CEA and cannabis producers and better align organizational structures, equipment and system product lines

“Our greenhouse portfolio has been coming together (over the last several years), with the acquisitions of RBI, Nexus and ThermoEnergy Solutions,” Dunson said.

And by adding the two processing companies which bring downstream technologies in-house it allows Prospiant to be “holistic technology provider” for growers. “People are looking for companies to provide solutions rather than having to contact multiple suppliers to put together a project.”

As one unified team, Prospiant is now a leading U.S.-based provider of turnkey solutions for growing fruits and vegetables, floricutlure products as well as custom greenhouses for research, education and retail. It is also the only provider of “soil-to-oil” cannabis ecosystems globally with technologies for the cultivation, extraction and refinement of cannabinoids.

Dunson said by bringing all of the brands together under one name allows the company to leverage the expertise of the separate entities as one unified brand.

He added that while the legacy company names like RBI and Nexus will now focus on specific product areas, “The people, the technology, the know-how, the domain knowledge will all remain and continue to grow. None of the people have changed, none of the relationships have changed. They all serves as a foundation for Prospiant and gives us a strong base to build from.”

The Gibraltar growing and processing brands that are transitioning to Prospiant include:

  • Nexus Greenhouse Systems, leading cannabis and commercial greenhouse solutions.
  • Rough Brothers, Inc., climate-controlled structures and growing solutions for research, retail and commercial applications.
  • RBI Structures Inc., Linx, National Greenhouse, Delta T Solutions, XS Smith and Golden Pacific Structures are also combining.
  • Apeks Supercritical, industry-leading CO2 extraction technologies.
  • Delta Separations, innovative ethanol and solventless extraction, recovery and distillation technologies.
  • Tetra, commercial indoor cultivation systems.
  • ThermoEnergy Solutions, complete large-scale commercial greenhouse solutions, including design, engineering and installation of turnkey projects.

“Internally, we have kind of realigned our organization. We have shifted from a business unit focus in the past to more of a market focus. So, we have people focused on the cannabis market, the large scale produce growing market and the other market areas of commercial growing (floriculture, institutional, retail) to be very customer focused.”

“As Prospiant, … we are now in the position to better help businesses, research and educational institutions grow through more streamlined operations and consolidated industry expertise,” Dunson said. “By combining and leveraging our deep knowledge and extensive cross-industry expertise, our specialists can provide customers with a turnkey package, from plant to product, to mitigate risks and maximize return on investment.”

Dunson said Prospiant will be leveraging combined strengths, technical expertise and a 185-year heritage of delivering best-in-class services across markets.

Prospiant is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. To learn more, visit

— Tim Hodson, Editorial Director

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