Feb 2, 2022
Goldenberry Farms commits to recycled packaging for 2022

The company has replaced vendors in China with regional South American manufacturers, saving thousands of tons of potential carbon emissions. Carton packaging has been replaced by natural cardboard boxes purchased locally, and selecting vendors with carbon neutral facilities driven by with solar power.

“We are thrilled to be one of the first berry providers to offer a 90% recycled and 100% re-usable clamshell, something we consider to be a very important development towards sustainability,” Goldenberry Farms Development Director Christopher Palumbo said in a news release.

“Extensive consumer research shows that although consumers favor environmentally friendly packaging for food, they are also equally concerned with shelf life and freshness. When surveyed, fresh berry consumers preferred by nearly 87% a packaging which allowed them a 360 degree view of the fruit prior for visual inspection to purchasing. For this reason, we decided that a recycled plastic would be the best alternative for our customers at this time.

“As part of our Where Good Things Grow commitment to sustainability on all points of our supply chain, we are focused to source all materials closer to home. We had previously been sourcing packaging globally, part of our sustainability plan was to locate a ‘green’ manufacturer in Chile, much closer to our processing facilities in Colombia. This switch allowed us also to lower our carbon footprint with respect to raw materials as well as develop a smarter, cleaner packaging.

“Small changes make a big difference when you commit on a manufacturing level. We are very proud of our commitment to a better planet, and more sustainable, as well as reusable packaging options are an important part of that.”

Antioquia-based Goldenberry Farms, known for its “Where Good Things Grow”¬†approach to sustainable farming, focuses on the development of exotic, “better for you” tropical fruit and produce, and is involved in all levels of the fruit development, including packing, export, and marketing.

The company has received ZOMAC accreditation for its commitment to successfully redevelop rural areas of Colombia, previously affected by the armed conflict, creating thriving agro communities and jobs with a mission of introducing healthy, tropical produce to consumers globally.

Goldenberry Farms maintains Global GAP and Global GRASP certifications and uses technology to help minimize environmental footprints.

For more information on Goldenberry Farms, visit here.

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