Jan 13, 2021
Guarda, BioSafe Systems new thyme oil antimicrobial introduced

BioSafe Systems has partnered with Lidan Inc. of New York City, New York, to exclusively manufacture, market and distribute Guarda, a new crop protection solution.

According to a news release, Guarda is a liquid bactericide/fungicide that fits into BioSafe Systems’ line of over 30 sustainable products for agriculture and horticulture crop protection.

Lidan Inc. specializes in the research and development of biopharmaceuticals for use in healthcare and life sciences. Their extensive experience in product development provides a perfect platform for successful collaboration with BioSafe Systems. Guarda production begins at our Big Bend, GA facility in the next few weeks.

Guarda is the first US EPA-registered crop protection tool with botanical thyme oil as the active ingredient. Its unique formulation is standardized by its reactive component, thymol, which ensures the antimicrobial qualities of the thyme oil function consistently.

The power of Guarda’s active ingredient is strengthened by the unique HOLDit polymer technology allowing it to remain active over a period of time providing efficient killing power against pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Without HOLDit, thyme oil is rendered inefficient because the thymol would volatize in the environment, never allowing for sufficient contact time to destroy microorganisms. The minimum risk, inert HOLDit technology safeguards the thyme oil from degrading over time to release the active ingredient, extending performance on crops without ANY restrictions or limitations.

“We are very excited to be working with Lidan and their team to introduce this exciting new product to the agricultural and horticultural markets across North America. This proprietary blend, using the HOLDit technology, allows for the extended activity of the thymol active, improving action against bacteria and fungi,” said Rob Larose, CEO of BioSafe Systems.

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