May 27, 2022
Michigan lawmakers ask Congress to address fertilizer cost, supply

Michigan legislators have approved resolutions calling on Congress to address fertilizer price increases and shortages.

Inflation and supply chain issues have led to rising costs and lack of availability of some fertilizers. On May 25, Michigan House of Representatives voted on two resolutions to address the issue, according to Michigan Farm Bureau.

The resolutions, which are not laws but allow the Legislature to express support for Congressional action, are:

  • House Resolution 205: Urges Congress, federal agencies, and state departments to address fertilizer price increases; and
  • House Resolution 289: Calls on Congress to pass legislation that would allow farmers to petition the U.S. International Trade Commission to temporarily waive tariffs on imports of fertilizer from Morocco.

“Our farmers have helped make this state a national powerhouse for decades,” Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers), who sponsored HR 205, according to Michigan Farm Bureau. “However, prices for fertilizer, a necessary component utilized by farmers, have doubled in some areas of our state over the past year due to increasing demand, federal tariffs, skyrocketing inflation, and the rising price of natural gas.

“Meanwhile, fertilizers are becoming increasingly scarce, as demand increases, and supply dwindles.”

Michigan senators already approved a matching resolution for HR 289.

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