Oct 12, 2022
SynTech to use Biome Makers technology

SynTech Research Group, a global agricultural contract research, product positioning, development, registration, and market support services provider, has committed to using Biome Makers’ BeCrop technology and its taxonomic database of more than 10 million microorganisms to increase the understanding of soil and crop performance under management or input applications.

SynTech Research will leverage BeCrop to conduct BeCrop Trials and support all SynTech clients for their research and product development processes.

BeCrop Trials supports ag-input manufacturers in demonstrating input performance, validating products and identifying recommendations. BeCrop Trials is a top product development and commercialization tool for agricultural input companies where they can differentiate their products on the market, streamline commercialization, and back their claims with data-driven, scientific methodologies.

“SynTech Research Group has an extensive history of providing Global R&D and Regulatory services for the ag industry,” Adrian Ferrero, CEO and co-founder of Biome Makers, said in a news release. “BeCrop technology adds a new layer of data for the metagenomic approach of SynTech’s analysis and studies, completing its range of biosolution services.”



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