Feb 1, 2023
Valent Biosciences’ acquisition of FBSciences adds to biostimulant portfolio

Valent BioSciences LLC has acquired FBSciences Holdings Inc., a leader in the discovery and commercialization of naturally derived plant, soil, and climate health solutions.

Valent Biosciences discovers, develops, and commercializes environmentally compatible technologies and products for agriculture and other industries, according to a news release. With this acquisition, Valent BioSciences and its parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd., now offer an innovative and proven portfolio of integrated biorational solutions, including biostimulants, biopesticides and crop nutrition solutions, according to the release.

The acquisition of FBSciences, Collierville, Tennessee, strengthens Valent BioSciences’ participation in the rapidly growing $3.5 billion global biostimulant market. On Oct. 1, Valent BioSciences began selling biostimulant products directly to U.S. customers. This acquisition will provide a significant growth platform for the two companies’ crop enhancement and protection products and forms a key pillar in the overall business strategy.

FBSciences’ portfolio of biorational technologies is naturally derived, renewable and sustainable, and forms the foundation of a wide offering of innovative solutions for agriculture. The company’s core technologies are derived from natural organic matter (NOM) using proprietary production processes that target and extract a diverse mixture of unique and biologically active compounds that transform plant, soil and climate health. With a science-based approach and decades of research, FBSciences delivers powerful technologies and products with a track record of superior performance and proven commercial success, according to a news release.

The company’s flagship biostimulant technology, FBS Transit, forms the foundation of its crop nutrition and nutrient use efficiency product lines for use on all crops. It works inside the plant to increase the uptake and translocation of all nutrients, leading to healthier plants that can withstand stress, which results in increased yields and quality.

FBSciences’ biopesticide technology, FBS Defense, works within the plant to increase its ability to defend itself from biotic stresses, including insects and diseases, and increases harvestable yields.

Both companies are well recognized for their industry-leading research and development capabilities, which will spark rapid innovation and commercialization of new technologies and products to deliver substantial growth for the biorationals arena, according to the release.

“The acquisition of FBSciences is a natural next step in the evolution of our organization as a global leader in biorationals, including biostimulants,” Ted Melnik, president and CEO of Valent BioSciences, said in the release. “Our combined organizations have many decades of experience leading our respective markets with science-based technology and innovation. The wide range of biostimulant, biopesticide, and crop nutrition products and technologies in the FBSciences portfolio augments Valent BioSciences’ broad family of biorational products, thereby creating an unmatched range of value-added and sustainable solutions that no other company can provide.”

Sumitomo Chemical has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, aiming to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by its production and business activities.

“Valent BioSciences’ keen focus on developing products that sequester atmospheric carbon, combined with FBSciences’ technologies, will help accelerate this effort,” Nobuaki Mito, director and senior managing executive officer of Sumitomo Chemical, said in the release. “This acquisition will step forward our Green Transformation strategy initiatives and contribute to realizing sustainable agriculture and society in the future.”

“The acquisition of FBSciences by Valent BioSciences is a major leap forward for the biorational industry,” Courtenay Wolfe, CEO and chairwoman of FBSciences said in the release. “This tremendous milestone for FBSciences recognizes 16 years of success developing and commercializing transformative plant, soil, and climate health solutions. Our companies share a common rooted-in-science approach coupled with a mission to better society and our planet.”



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