May 13, 2024
Vestaron receives emergency use authorization in Italy to combat tomato leafminer

Vestaron has received emergency use authorization in Italy to combat tomato leafminer.

Italy has become the second country in the European Union to grant farmers emergency access to Vestaron’s bioinsecticide SPEAR LEP to tackle infestations of tomato leafminer (Tuta absoluta) — a pest that has been known to cause significant and costly yield losses in Europe.

The Italian Ministry of Health granted emergency use authorization for SPEAR LEP, Vestaron’s peptide-based insecticide. Available for growers in Italy to use on tomatoes from March 28 to July 25, SPEAR LEP is a biological product that targets lepidopteran pests such as tomato leafminer, navel orangeworm, European grapevine moth, codling moth, loopers and caterpillars, according to a news release.

“Having access to effective biocontrols like SPEAR LEP is vital to helping producers reduce pesticide use — supporting profitable production while lowering farming’s impact on the environment,” Giuseppe Buggea, Aurora’s president, said in the release.

SPEAR LEP has been in use in the U.S. since 2020, with subsequent approvals in Mexico and Canada, and it has been submitted to the European Commission for full approval in Europe.

Based on naturally occurring peptides found in spider venom and produced using natural fermentation, SPEAR LEP has a unique mode of action (IRAC group 32) with no known resistance or cross-resistance with other synthetic pesticides, while presenting minimal risk to people, pollinators and beneficials as determined by USA EPA and Canadian PMRA regulatory approvals.

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