Mar 2, 2023
Trials show proven bitter pit management with Póma

(Sponsored) A 2018 study in the  Hudson Valley of New York state showed increased Honeycrisp profits, due to bitter pit management, with the use of Póma foliar nutrient.

The trial’s goal was to evaluate if Póma, as an early application of foliar calcium, during the cell division phase of fruit development, might be an efficient timing for bitter pit suppression.

Research conducted in the Hudson Valley for 2017 and 2018 has shown that Póma 6% calcium chelate when applied in five weekly applications at 1.9 L/acre starting at petal fall to mature tall-spindle trees suppressed BP 54% in 2017 and 42% in 2018.

Average of untreated (UTC) results vs Agro-100’s T2 and T3 programs

  • Agro-100’s T2 program increased sellable bushels per acre by +370.8 sellable bushels per acre (a 72.3% increase vs UTC)
  • Agro-100’s T3 program increased sellable bushels per acre by +588.2 sellable bushels per acre (a 115% increase vs UTC)
  • In 2017, in a similar trial, the Agro-100 program increased average bushels per acre by +177 bushels per acre (a 23% increase vs UTC)

What’s more, growers are seeing results, too: “Honeycrisp bitter pit has been minimal with the use of Póma Calcium and other Agro-100’s foliar products,” said Chris Cooper of Cooper Farms in Monmouth, Maine.

Agro-100 develops and markets exclusive nutrients and biostimulants, that are easy to use and with proven efficacy. Agro-100’s research and development, as well as its high performance Agrofoliars and its innovative Oligo Prime™ biostimulant technology, have become a benchmark for efficacy in the industry. Agro-100 strives to improve agricultural profitability through optimal crop performance.

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Agro-100 T2 treatment incorporated the following Agro-100 products according to apple growth stages: Agro-Zn, Agro-B, Agro-Mag, Agro-Moly, Kali-T and Póma.
Agro-100 T3 treatment incorporated the following Agro-100 products according to apple growth stages: Póma and Kali-T (as a finisher to improve fruit coloration).


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