May 1, 2018
American Plant Food, Sigma Agriscience and AM-AG join up

Houston, Texas-based Sigma Agriscience, a manufacturer of granular biofertilizers and biostimulants, through its subsidiary AM-AG, has created a marketing alliance with American Plant Food Corp.  The multi-company alliance provides the platform necessary to fully reach every type of grower, whether organic or conventional, with a portfolio of plant nutrition as well as soil health solutions.

“We are thrilled to be in collaboration with American Plant Food.  It’s not always common you find the perfect match when forming a business alliance,” said Alan Warren, President & CEO of Sigma Agriscience.  “This alliance brings together a unique set of products, technology and infrastructure that will build value for customers on a global scale and will serve as the prelude to creating the most versatile plant health nutrition company in the world.”

American Plant Food Corp. will utilize its robust marketing and distribution capabilities to provide these innovative products and solutions to agriculture, nursery, orchard, turf and landscape markets throughout the U.S. and abroad.

“In our 54 years of business, American Plant Food has supplied growers millions of tons of fertilizer to help feed a growing world.  Throughout these years we’ve maintained our mission to bring value to the grower which is what has sustained us all these years.  However, agriculture is changing, soils are changing, but one thing will remain unchanged and that is we will always put growers interest first.  If we can’t bring value to the grower we will fail.  Our alliance with Sigma Agriscience and AM-AG marks the beginning of a new era,” said Toby Hlavinka, president and CEO of American Plant Food Corp. “We now offer our customers a complete line of inorganic and organic nutrients, as well as plant health biostimulants. Our expanded nutrient portfolio now provides the grower with an opportunity to revitalize their overall soil health in addition to meeting the macro-nutrient requirements their plants and crops require.”

“This Alliance aims to create a smarter way for conventional growers to improve soil health and increase their existing yield and profitability,” said AM-AG partners, Don Barry and J. Robert Gonzalez.  Branded as “Sigma Biosphere”, the go-to-marketing strategy is a program that complements conventional growing practices by supercharging standard NPK fertility with secondary and micronutrient plant nutrition plus biostimulants. “This technology has very positive implications for agricultural crop production,” said Julian Smith, PhD, lead agronomist of AM-AG.

Modern crop production is reliant upon a multitude of factors and nutrition is a major element of economic yields across a multitude of soil types. More importantly, matching genetics with an increasing attention to detail over and above conventional NPK fertility programs has paid dividends for many producers. Typically, NPK programs are now supplemented with greater attention to secondary and micro-nutrient inclusion.

In many areas, major improvements to plant nutrition have been achieved through complimenting recommended NPK applications with magnesium, sulfur and calcium. By doing so, maximum NPK efficiency is realized plus applying essential supplemental nutrition for high yield environments. Across many soils in the U.S., not least those that have been exhausted after years of farming, NPK is essential but simply not enough to sustain economic production. Magnesium, sulfur and calcium (not just liming) supplemental nutrition is vital. Similarly, the impact of essential micronutrients such as zinc, boron, copper and manganese cannot be underestimated.

Sigma Biosphere products utilize a range of soil and crop appropriate combinations of magnesium, calcium, sulfur and micronutrients in season-long form to augment NPK blends to maximize crop production across a variety of growing environments and crop rotations.

In a significant departure from other supplemental nutrient programs, The Sigma Biosphere program includes a biological package comprising a unique combination of microbes with an outstanding research pedigree. This is not the “bugs in a jug” shotgun approach, rather a carefully researched and selected group of micro-organisms with a proven track record in crop production and soil productivity improvement.

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