May 23, 2022
Berries dominate as favorite Memorial Day fruits

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and in addition to honoring the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, many Americans gather with family and friends and celebrate with food.

A recent social media and web analysis of fruit-based recipes highlights the fact that the most fashionable food is red, white and blue with berries marking the most popular online fruit across the U.S. for Memorial Day.

Berries are the popular Memorial Day treat in most U.S. states.

FullTilt Marketing conducted a social media trend analysis of the most popular online fruit associated with Memorial Day in all 50 states to identify the fruits consumers were talking about. The top winner was berries, followed by lemons, apples, dates and limes.

“It was no surprise to see berries appear in popular recipes that celebrated themes of red, white and blue or even lemons for refreshing desserts and drinks, but it was interesting to see popular conversations around dates, which highlighted the trending popularity of date brownies,” Melinda Goodman, president of FullTilt Marketing, said in a news release.

Goodman continued, “Trends have always played an important role in brand marketing, but the advent of new technology that allows us to evaluate consumer conversations about what consumers are talking about and cooking in real-time creates opportunities for more dynamic content creation, flavor explorations, recipe development and new product expansions.”

Organizations interested in learning more about how consumer trend data and social media listening analysis can be used as a marketing tool can contact FullTilt Marketing at [email protected].


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