Apr 15, 2021
California registration OK’d for Craze Herbicide from Nichino America

Craze Herbicide from Nichino America Inc. is now registered in California for use on grapes and nut crops as well as nonbearing stone fruit, the company announced April 15.

The active ingredient in Craze, orthosulfamuron, is a HRAC Group 2 herbicide that works by inhibiting the plant enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS). Inhibition of this enzyme blocks branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis of valine, leucine, and isoleucine which leads to plant death.

Craze provides long-lasting, preemergence control of troublesome weeds in nut and vine crops, including cheeseweed (little mallow), filaree, fleabane, henbit, lambsquarters, and marestail.  Craze also offers pre-emergence suppression of hard-to-control grasses and yellow nutsedge as well as post-emergence activity on target weeds at the time of application.

Field trials show Craze to have equal or superior efficacy against broadleaf weeds compared to other ALS herbicides.  Additionally, Craze controls broadleaf weeds resistant or tolerant to post-emergence herbicides.  “The strength of Craze is its activity on fleabane and marestail,” Cathy Fleming-Wimer, product manager for Nichino America Inc., said in a news release. “That important benefit, along with providing broad spectrum control of other susceptible weed species, makes Craze an excellent choice when considering herbicides in pre-emergence spray programs.”

Craze may be used anytime during the pre-emergence application period. It should be applied at 5.7 to 8.6 oz per acre in combination with another effective pre-emergence herbicide to enhance performance of the tank mix and increase control of tough weeds in vine and nut crops.  The Craze label allows a maximum yearly dosage of 8.6 oz per acre with a maximum of one application per year.   Always read and follow all labels for use directions.

Nichino America Inc. offers several crop protection products known for their targeted performance, flexibility and ease of application, and fit with today’s environment. Among the company’s products are Applaud, Apta, Bexar, Bexar CA, Centaur, Courier, FujiMite, Miteus, Portal, PQZ, and Torac insecticides; ET, ETX, Strada, Strada Pro, Strada XT2, and Venue herbicides; and Artisan, Convoy, Elegia, Gatten, Gatten CA, Moncut, Moncoat MZ, and Umbra fungicides.

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