Jan 21, 2015
EPA registers Sivanto for 2015

Bayer CropScience’s Sivanto insecticide has received registration from EPA and will be available for the 2015 growing season.

According to Bayer, Sivanto precisely targets key damaging pests at multiple insect life stages to prevent damage to plants and help minimize the spread of diseases from insect carriers. With flexible application timings and compatibility with many beneficial insects and predatory mites, Sivanto works to preserve the overall health of plants and protect growers’ investment in their crops.

The discovery of Sivanto was primarily inspired by the natural compound stemofoline, a derivative from the plant Stemona japonica. Sivanto is the first member of a new chemical class of insecticides, the Butenolides (newly created IRAC subgroup 4D) and has shown excellent control of neonicotinoid-resistant aphids and whiteflies in U.S. field trials. It is registered on a broad range of horticulture crops and most broad-acre crops, including citrus, pome fruit, grapes, bush berries, tree nuts (not including almonds), potatoes, vegetables, alfalfa, cotton, sorghum and several specialty crops (such as blueberry and clover from IR-4), which allows for inclusive and flexible crop rotation programs, according to Bayer.

Sivanto can be applied as a foliar spray or as a soil drench, shank or drip application, depending on the crop. More information on application methods for each crop is included in the product label.

With the registration of Sivanto, Bayer CropScience will be able to address the specific needs of growers across multiple crops. For pome fruit, Sivanto offers control of certain aphids (including green apple aphids and rosy apple aphids), scales (including San Jose scale and oystershell scale) and pear psylla when applied at pink through petal fall timing. With flexible application timings, including during bloom periods, and compatibility with many beneficial insects, Sivanto is a good fit for Integrated Pest Management programs. Following Sivanto with Movento insecticide from Bayer offers a knockdown and long residual control program, and, by rotating modes of action, reduces the build-up of insect resistance, according to the company.

For cucurbit vegetables, Sivanto helps ensure quick, reliable control of aphids and whiteflies while providing security that pollination by honey- and bumblebees is unaffected. Sivanto’s rapid feeding cessation effect and control of insect vectors reduce silverleaf damage and provide disease mitigation, including for the cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus transmitted by whiteflies.

Regarding fruiting vegetables, Sivanto brings effective adult knockdown and residual control of aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and psyllids. Sivanto provides mitigation of plant diseases such as tomato yellow leaf curl virus, and offers flexible application methods, including the option to apply as a foliar spray or as a soil drench or drip application, according to Bayer.

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