Nov 6, 2015
How grape growers benefit from BASF’s Nealta miticide

On Page 5 of the October issue of Fruit Growers News, we introduced you to Nealta® miticide, a product developed by BASF to fight against spider mite.

Kate Walker, technical service representative for BASF, talked about the miticide’s functions while Bryan Wallingford, area manager at Mesa Vineyard Management, testified to success of Nealta miticide.

“In our trial work, Nealta miticide worked as well as the other materials that are on the market,” Wallingford told us in October. “The big difference is that it is a different class of chemistry, which helps with resistance management, which allows us to be more sustainable into the future.”

This month we caught up with Walker to discuss the top three benefits of adding Nealta to your pest management program.

Here’s what she had to say.

Fruit Growers News: Can you remind our audience what Nealta miticide is and how it can help grape growers?

Kate Walker: Nealta miticide is a new mode of action miticide registered for use in grapes, tree nuts, strawberry, and citrus.

FGN: What are the top three benefits of Nealta miticide?

KW: Nealta miticide controls mites at any stage, it’s compatible with many beneficial insects, and because it is a unique mode of action it is an excellent rotation partner.

FGN: Nealta miticide controls mites at any stage?

KW: Yes, Nealta miticide has activity on eggs, immature stages and adults.

FGN: Can you go more in depth about compatibility of Nealta miticide with beneficial insects?

KW: Beneficial (or predatory) mites and insects feed on two-spotted spider mites and are utilized often in pest management programs. Predatory mites (like Persimilis and several others) are released during the growing season. PCAs and growers will plan pesticide applications around when they release beneficial insects depending on if a product kills the beneficial insects or has low impact on these insects. Nealta miticide does not have a negative impact on many beneficials and therefore is very flexible in a pest management program.

FGN: What about benefit No. 3? Explain how Nealta miticide is a rotation partner?

KW: In most crops, spider mite management requires almost year round monitoring, with decisions made based on mite pressure (or critical thresholds, which is the number of mites per leaf), resulting in a complicated program involving multiple miticide applications and, in some cases, release of beneficial insects. In order to reduce the risk of resistance, growers need to rotate miticides based on mode of action. By introducing a new mode of action to the market, it gives growers the flexibility to use Nealta miticide effectively in their existing program and at the same time protect the current products on the market.

Growers can learn more about Nealta miticide by visiting or by contacting their local BASF representative.

Always read and follow label directions. Nealta is a registered trademark of BASF.

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