Sep 23, 2011
Legislation would allow Michigan farmers to shoot more deer with fewer hassles

Dave Grabemeyer watches the deer in his farm fields near Sisters Lake nibble off the tops of young soybean plants, then come back for more when the plants try to recover with new growth. If he hollers at them, they move a few rows away and carry on, he said.

Gene "the Pumpkin Man" Rhodes says deer eat the pumpkins on his M-43 farm west of Kalamazoo like apples, chomping entry holes into the fruits, then feeding on the seeds inside. "I have big pumpkins out there with holes you could throw a basketball in," Rhodes said, adding that they’ve ruined hundreds of them.

Over the years, deer have ruined thousands of Steve Flamm’s young Honeycrisp apple trees, he said. Kalamazoo Gazette

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