Apr 19, 2021
Michigan Pomesters plan in-person apple trimming/thinning discussion for April 29

Each spring, Michigan State University Extension has held an in-person trimming and pruning discussion. Unfortunately, this is not possible in 2021 due to university protocols stemming from the pandemic.

“The Michigan Pomesters feel that this is a vital and important discussion that benefits all involved in the tree fruit industry, therefore we plan to host a similar event on the April 29,” a news release stated. “We look forward to the time that MSU Extension is once again able to graciously host us onsite.”

The annual trimming/thinning discussion for Michigan Pomester members and sponsors will be held April 29 at 5 p.m. It will be staged at a farm on 19 mile road and Fruit Ridge.

The event will include a discussion on Honeycrisp trimming and bloom, return bloom and plant growth regulators (PGR) thinning.

“The topic of discussion is a follow up to the recent video published by Michigan State University Extension that was filmed at this farm,” the news release stated. “The discussion will focus on the blocks pruned in the video and how different strategies may be applicable for similar scenarios. Additionally, we will discuss Honeycrisp trimming and return bloom. With thinning season right around the corner, there will be discussion about different grower’s strategies when it comes to PGRs and thinning.”

You can view the recent MSU video here.

“We look forward to seeing you, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us board members or officers,” the release stated.


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