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Jun 20, 2024
Water, efficiencies to benefit growers from nanobubble partnership

An AgTech partnership between a nanobubble technology supplier and one of the largest U.S. horticultural distribution and brokerage companies could help input efficiencies, including water savings.

Moleaer Inc., a nanobubble technology firm, is collaborating with Griffin Greenhouse Supplies Inc.

The two are sponsoring a July 10 webinar the week before Cultivate 24, North America’s largest horticulture trade show and educational conference, sponsored by AmericanHort.


Griffin Greenhouse Supplies


Nanobubbles are tiny bubbles, invisible to the naked eye and 2,500 times smaller than a single grain of salt that help agriculture and other industries.

In 2023, Moleaer partnered with Griffin to enhance growers’ access to Moleaer’s nanobubble technology. With Griffin’s 75-year history as a provider of products and solutions to greenhouse and nursery producers, the partnership accesses Griffin’s knowledge and capabilities, according to a news release.

The combination of Moleaer’s more than 1,000 global horticulture and agriculture installations and Griffin’s expertise should offer growers the productivity-boosting and cost-saving advantages of nanobubble technology, helping them achieve their economic and sustainability objectives, according to the release.

The “Get More from Your Irrigation Water: How Nanobubble Oxygenation Enhances Crop Quality & Reduces Costs” webinar is designed to share the benefits of nanobubble oxygenation with horticulture growers looking to optimize their operations and reduce costs.

Increased dissolved oxygen levels in irrigation water are widely recognized to maximize oxygen utilization by plants and beneficial microbes, promoting healthy root development and enhancing resilience to environmental stressors like drought and heat. However, economically oxygenating irrigation water has historically been challenging, according to the release.

Dissolved oxygen produced by Moleaer’s nanobubble technology enables growers to cost effectively oxygenate their irrigation water while providing the unique benefits of nano-sized bubbles, including biofilm control, pathogen and algae reduction, better infiltration, increased water quality and more, according to the release.

Moleaer nanobubblesThe technology is noted for its stability and transfer efficiency, allowing growers to maintain longer and more consistent dissolved oxygen concentrations in their irrigation water, according to the release.

With more than eight years of horticulture expertise, Justin Leavitt, Moleaer’s North American business development manager for horticulture, will cover common water quality issues for growers, the benefits of dissolved oxygen, the science behind oxygen nanobubbles, and ways nanobubble technology has helped over 1,000 growers worldwide improve operational efficiency, increase crop quality and reduce costs.

“We’re excited to share the benefits of our technology with Griffin’s customers,” Leavitt said in the release. “As a grower myself, I truly believe in the power of nanobubbles and how they can enable growers to get more from their irrigation water while becoming more sustainable and profitable.”

“We are looking forward to partnering with Moleaer on this informative webinar to help growers better understand the benefits of this nanobubble technology that will allow growers to improve their operations and reduce costs,” said Mandi Maloney, Griffin’s irrigation specialist, said in the release.

More information and registration is available here.



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