Feb 25, 2022
Brake On! residual herbicide for permanent crops offered to growers

Brake On! pre-emergence residual herbicide for permanent crops features a unique mode-of-action offering growers an alternative solution considering anticipated herbicide shortages this spring.

“We all are hearing reports of impending shortages of various herbicide products,” Duane Canfield, Ag Marketing Leader for SePRO Ag, said in a news release. “Producers should look to Brake On! as a unique new herbicide with an excellent crop safety profile for the control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds in permanent crops.”

Brake On! herbicide was launched successfully in early 2021, and this season, the distribution pipeline has adequate supplies to meet current needs and unexpected demand.

“The product is being marketed in stone fruit including cherries, so we have strong supplies in Washington and Oregon in particular,” Canfield adds. “Brake On!’s crop safety attributes are especially important in cherries and young trees.”

The active ingredient in Brake On! is fluridone, an HRAC Group 12 herbicide, that provides a unique mode-of-action relative to all other residual herbicides in crops including stone fruit, avocado, mandarin, pistachio, and pomegranate. SePRO is in the process of registering Brake On! for pome fruit as well as many other permanent crops for potential use in 2023.

Brake On! inhibits phytoene desaturase (PDS), an enzyme necessary for carotenoid biosynthesis. As Brake On! is taken up by the roots and readily translocated, it is ideally suited for preemergence use against a wide spectrum of annual grass and broadleaf weeds, including weeds that have developed resistance to other herbicides.

The Group 12 mode-of-action makes Brake On! a powerful tank mix partner with other residual herbicides and a rotational option for IPM programs.

Brake On! delivers broad spectrum, season-long weed control, even in wet or irrigated conditions that challenges other residual herbicides. The unique mode-of-action makes Brake On! a strong rotational product in a resistance management program.

Research in permanent crops demonstrates outstanding crop safety, even on young trees, which is critical in high value permanent crop production. No residues have been found in any crop tested.

Federal Registration was received May 2020 and 14 state registrations are secured and pending in New York and California (expected 1Q 2023.) SePRO is in the process of seeking registration for most permanent crops.

More information about Brake On! can be found here.

SePRO Ag was created in 2021 as a business unit of parent company SePRO Corporation to focus upon bringing unique crop protection products to specialty crop markets, such as permanent crops, cotton, fruits, and vegetables.

More information about SePRO Ag can be found here.

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