Dec 16, 2022
Cherry Industry Administrative Board elections underway

Board elections are scheduled to commence the week of Jan. 2nd for the Cherry Industry Administrative Board (CIAB).

The Dewitt, Michigan-based CIAB will begin board elections for the seats that expire on June 30, 2023.

Two seats, in districts in southern Michigan (District 3) and Washington (District 8), are term-limited. The current grower members Kurt Dowd, southern Michigan, and Barton Hawkins, Washington, have served two consecutive three-year terms on the board as members, according to a news release.

Both a grower and handler seat are up for election this cycle in Utah and Wisconsin. Per the CIAB voting procedures, the grower member, handler member, grower alternate, and handler alternate nomination and ballot processes are completed in this sequence to avoid a sales constituency conflict when both a grower and handler seat are up for election in the same cycle, according to the release.

Board elections for grower member seats in Utah and Wisconsin were conducted in November.

Because Wisconsin’s three-year average production in crop year 2022 was greater than 10 million pounds, per the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) §930.20 board membership, Wisconsin representation will increase by one seat. The production increase will change Wisconsin from one at-large seat to one grower and one handler seat, according to the release.

Two at-large seats in Oregon and Pennsylvania as well as three handler seats in northern and central Michigan and Utah are up for election.

Also, the current grower alternates Tami Balzly, Utah, and Michael Rowley, Washington, are term limited as they have served two consecutive 3-year terms on the board as alternates.

The CIAB plans to email board election materials to growers and handlers. If an industry member’s email is not on file with the CIAB, materials are scheduled to be sent to them via regular mail. Nomination and/or ballot material can be sent to the CIAB via email at [email protected].

The CIAB notes nominees are not officially seated on the board until the CIAB receives a signed selection order from the Secretary of Agriculture.

The CIAB is the administrative arm of the Federal Marketing Order for tart cherries in the U.S. Since 1997, the CIAB has educated consumers about the taste and benefits of consuming tart cherries.

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