Apr 5, 2023
Grape biofungicide now available in U.S.

Sipcam Agro USA Inc. is now distributing a naturally derived biofungicide that helps growers target fungus in grapes in the U.S.

Mevalone was designed to protect grape crops from fungal pathogens and formulated to provide long-lasting, targeted prevention against Botrytis cinerea, according to a news release from the company.

Its easy-to-use application method and controlled release of three bioactive terpenes (Geraniol, Thymol, and Eugenol) make it adaptable for year-round use. It features novel soft chemistry and a mode of action to manage resistance developed by Eden Research.

As of late March, Mevalone was available for use in 13 states. Illustration: Sipcam Agro

A specialty crop protection product for European growers for years, Mevalone is now registered in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, Oregon and Pennsylvania.

Registration is pending in Arizona, Florida and Missouri.

“I’m extremely excited to bring Mevalone to the U.S. grape producer,” Brent Marek, Sipcam CEO and chief operating officer, said in the release. “This adds a new tool in the fight to control Botrytis with a new mode of action which will assist growers with resistance management. Even better news is that it’s a biopesticide as efficacious as other hard chemistries currently on the market.”

Features of Mevalone include:

  • Naturally derived: Solvents and plastic-free formulation with equal or better control than conventional chemistries.
  • Multiple mode of action: Strategic tool to manage disease resistance.
  • Tolerance exemption: Safe export in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.
  • Up to four applications per season with three days of short preharvest interval: flexibility to apply as needed based on disease pressure.

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