Nov 10, 2020
New Orchard Field Guide from the Penn State Extension tree fruit team

During strategic planning sessions addressing pandemic priorities, the Penn State Extension tree fruit team identified the need for a full-color pocket guide to assist growers in identifying and managing tree fruit diseases, pests and physiological disorders.

The guide provides field support during times when Extension educators cannot conduct site visits due to COVID-19 and can serve as a science-based reference for sustainable management recommendations provided remotely. The effort was supported by a PDA-USDA NIFA Specialty Crop Block Grant for underserved horticultural producers. Educators delivered copies of the guide to produce auctions and also have copies available for mailing to growers with an interest in learning basic orchard scouting principles.

Integrated orchard management begins with regular crop monitoring. This spiral-bound field guide will help you identify common fruit disorders, pests, and beneficials and provide basic principles of sustainable fruit production. For ease of use, the disorders are color-coded by the fruit type and the plant part where you may initially notice a symptom.

A limited number of copies are available from tree fruit extension educators. For more information, please contact Tara Baugher, 717-334-6271 or 

This project was supported by PDA Specialty Crop Block Grant ME#44187248 titled “Sustainable Production, Business Management, and Farm Safety Innovations for Beginning and Minority Specialty Crop Producers.”

Robert Crasweller and Tara Baugher, Penn State University

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