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Jun 9, 2023
Vote set for North Carolina apple assessments

The North Carolina Apple Growers Association will be conducting a referendum for the assessment of apples sold to first purchasers in North Carolina this month.

The referendum will be during regular business hours June 27 at county Extension offices throughout the state, in counties where commercial apple growing occurs.

The rates are:

• Packers — 5 cents per pack bushel; a bulk box/volume-filled carton qualifies for the charge.
• Processors — 5 cents per cwt. or 2.1 cents per bushel if the fruit is not weighed. This applies to companies that buy apples for slicers, sauce, juice or other forms of processing, including roadside markets press apples for fresh cider.
• Brokers — Depending on the market, see packer or processor rates. Brokers are responsible for paying assessments that are not paid by the supplier.
• Roadside markets — $100 a year, for anyone that grows and sells directly to the public.
• Growers — 5 cents per cwt., or 2.1 per bushel for fruit that is not weighed. This applies to growers that sell fruit by the bin to someone such as a roadside market or farmers market.

Funds from the assessment are used to promote the marketing, research, use and sale of North Carolina apples.

The votes will be collected and tabulated by North Carolina State University, and the results will be published by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

The North Carolina Apple Growers Association is governed by an all-volunteer board of apple growers and industry advisors.


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