Jan 22, 2021
Washington Apple Commission sends two new types of fruit to Columbia

The Washington Apple Commission, an organization dedicated to promoting the consumption of Washington apples in export markets since 1937, reported on the new promotion of two varieties of apple in the Colombian market to satisfy the growing appetite for this fruit in the country.

The Washington Apple Commission has identified that the Colombian consumer is interested in trying new varieties of apples and is now working on the introduction of two varieties that are less familiar than those on the market, such as Red Delicious or Royal Gala.

As explained by Alejandro Díaz, Country Manager of FTA International (Representative of the Washington Apple Commission in Colombia), these two novel varieties are Golden Delicious, known for being juicy and sweet, and Cripps Pink, a variety that is crunchy and a slightly acidic.

Golden Delicious, a variety native to the US state of West Virginia in 1914, is a crisp apple with tender yellow skin and flesh that remains white for long periods after cutting.

Meanwhile, Cripps Pink is a variety adored by snack makers and bakers for its slightly sour taste and crisp, firm flesh. The variety was introduced to the market in 1985 when it was brought over from its Australian origin, and it gets its name from its bright pink color.

According to industry standards, the differences of Washington State apples from other origins are their quality characteristics that translate into a more attractive appearance, durability, textures and flavors from a careful production and harvesting process.

A bite to the Colombian market

These varieties receive a new promotional focus in Colombia, which represents a response to the preference for fresh and crisp products that Washington apples maintain in the local market, where they compete with fruits from Chile and European countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. .

According to the Commission, it is a bet so that the demand grows based on new options. Another factor in this expected growth is the improvement observed in the balanced diets of consumers, which are closely linked to the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The Colombian market represents for US producers between US $ 10 and US $ 15 million in annual exports. “Sales in 2019 represented approximately 8,500 metric tons. At the cutoff of September 2020 we already had 10,300 metric tons, which represents an increase of 21%, and we hope to close the year with a growth of 30% ”, explained Alejandro Díaz.

According to figures from the Commission, the cities of the country with the highest apple consumption are Bogotá, Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla. They are the cities where the largest distribution and storage centers are located.



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